When to write?

29 Jan

Leading a busy life, it is quite hard for me to find time to write.  I work 9-6 in customer services, and when I come home I am more likely to kick back and play on the Xbox or laptop than actually settle into the bedroom/office and write.

At the moment I am having a lengthy study break – I am working towards a degree with the Open University. I finished my last courses in October 2010, and will hopefully be resuming in September this year. This takes a sizable chunk out of my writing time, although since I plan to study Advanced Creative Writing it might actually give me more motivation to write – I just won’t be able to work on my novel.

This past week I have been writing during my lunchbreaks at work. Eating a Pot Noodle is not conducive to easy writing, so I read Harry Potter while I eat and then pull out my notebooks. This tends to leave me around half an hour of writing time. It’s less than ideal. I managed to write about a thousand words this week, bringing my first draft up to 12000 *insert moment of pride at biggest thing I’ve ever written* but at that rate it would take me a hundred weeks – nearly two YEARS – just to compete the first draft. It’s not going to work for long.

Next month my fiancé Chris and I are moving in with my friends Jen and John – this will move us closer to work and hopefully provide more time of an evening. I need to find a balance between working out (I am in desperate need of getting fitter), writing, working, playing, and practising my poor, neglected violin. How shall this happen? We shall see.

Novel First Draft


One Response to “When to write?”

  1. keikikaren January 29, 2011 at 5:04 pm #

    Keep at it Pip. You’ve already written more than I’ll ever write!! K xx

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