1 Feb

As I stated a few days ago, I’d really like to enter at least a couple of competitions this year. So where do I start? Google’s always a good bet for just about anything (except ‘where did I put the TV remote?’ – you’re on your own with that one) so I typed in ‘writing competitions UK 2011’ and found this rather excellent site with a list of competitions. A quick look over has given me the following possibilities:
Writers’ Forum

I know from my creative writing course-mates that Writers’ Forum has quite a decent reputation. They have a new competition every month, with decent prizes – £300, £15o and £100. The problem with writing contests is that they tend to have an entry fee. This one is £6, which I can easily afford if I’m only entering two competitions per year. This one’s quite a strong possibility – there’s no set genre, so I could write whatever I like.


Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook

The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook is the essential guide to getting published. It contains publishers details, editors details, and tips from published writers. You should really update it every year but my one is from 2009 – sadly it’s not a cheap book. Anyway, they have a competition too, but I’d say it’s pretty much impossible at the moment – the submission deadline is the 14th of January, and I don’t have much time. I’m supposed to be packing to a) go on holiday, and b) move. I also appear to be coming down with a cold. This sucks, because the prize money’s awesome.* It also has a week’s residential writing course as a prize.


I don’t know much about these guys. They seem more of an online creative writing community to me than competition based, and the entry fee is around a third of the possible winnings by the looks of things. If I was writing solely for the love of it, I would enter this, but as it is I really would like wider recognition as a writer and also money.*

Challenge Writing

I would actually love to enter this one. the prizes are good and the entry fee goes to a charity that I would support, Women for Women. I am therefore a bit gutted that it closes on the 11th of February – I definitely won’t have time to produce a decent story before then. Hopefully this one will come round again next year, and I’ll be able to hop on board.

I guess that leaves me with the Writers’ Forum competition, unless anybody else knows of any other competitions? Any suggestions on what I could write about?


*It does come across in this post that I’m fixated on money. This is mostly because I am very poor and require money to put food in the mouths of my hungry fish (and my fiancé and me, but hey).


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