4 Feb

So, I hoped to do quite a lot of writing this week. I made good progress through to Wednesday, despite feeling somewhat lurgy-ish. I managed to get another 1000 words done, which was awesome. Sadly, my lurgy grew to a Super Lurgy of Doom, culminating in me going home sick Thursday morning and throwing up Thursday evening.

My concentration and co-ordination are off – this can especially be seen  when I play Halo as my average score in Slayer has dropped from 16 to 3 (I dealt with this enormous setback by mostly playing Assassins Creed II instead).

So, yes, no writing. On the plus side, I now know where my novel is going next, and I’ve also chosen a short story to do that I started writing in 2009 and forgot about, but found in my most recent writing notebook while I was writing on Wednesday evening. It could possibly fit into Dark Tales, so that opens up another competition with a reasonable deadline.

For the moment, I’ll be needing to focus on getting better, then packing to go on holiday and then move. Hopefully by Sunday I might be able to try writing again.

Novel First Draft

13006 Words

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