Ending the Silence

31 Jul

Hi everybody,

It turns out that so far I am a Bad Blogger – I haven’t posted since we moved house, with was five months ago! The thing is, to blog about writing, you need to be doing some writing, and if you’re stuck in a writing dry spell, you’re not going to be blogging about it, as blogging is, well, writing.

All with me so far?

Good, because apparently my computer isn’t – almost crashed the gorram thing trying to insert my demotivational lolcat.

Anyway, here I am, blogging at 1.35 on a Sunday morning because I need to stay awake long enough to make sure I’m not going to throw up again (I always seem to be vomiting in this blog, very peculiar, no? Granted, some of it’s verbal vomit) and I wish to make it clear that I have not dropped off the face of the novel-writing planet. The Unknown is still very much in the works – I cleared 17000 words a few weeks ago, which is when I last took some time off to work on it. I have this coming Thursday and Friday off work for writing, so hopefully I’ll make a leap forward then. 20000 words here we come! Go team Pip!

At this time of day I am my own cheerleading squad.

I have been in a huge Charlaine Harris kick for the last few months – I read the first three Sookie Stackhouse books, then I read them again, then I got the fourth and fifth books, and then I read all five again, and then I got the sixth book and then reread all six…repeat up to the 11th book, when I finally ran out. This has resulted in me not doing any writing at work. Now I’m on Star Wars books. Since I have more than 70 of these, I’ll have to try and divide my time more evenly. Here, I shall provide a chart. Because I can.

When I say ‘my time at work’ I mean on my breaks, not during my actual work time!

Ok, to tell you the truth I made the statement ‘Because I can’ with no idea whether I actually could, and now I am insanely proud of myself.

Anyway, look, the point is, I shall write more, be a better blogger and we shall all be in awe of me. Deal?

I have fallen out with my progress bar code, does anybody know a decent one?


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