13 Oct

My aims for this year that I may or may not have expressed during the course of this blog (ten months, ten posts – must post more often!) were the following:

  • Complete first draft of my novel
  • Participate in at least one writing competition
  • Blog weekly

What I have achieved as of today:

  • Roughly 21% of the first draft of my novel
  • About half a short story for a writing competition
  • An average of one blog post a month.

Clearly I am amazing. On the other hand, it has been a tough year and I haven’t given up! I’ve still been writing away, tucked in around my long work days and obsessive gaming and internet use, and my novel has carried on. I’ve spent the last four days gearing up towards killing someone (in the STORY!).

I’m pretty good at killing off fictional people. You don’t want to be acharacter in one of my stories, the mortality rate is horrendous.

This is Not Me (honest)

So, here are my aims for the rest of the year:

  • Hit 30000 words on the novel of doom (I keep typing ‘nobel’ instead of ‘novel, are my fingers telling me to aim higher?)
  • Complete the short story and enter it into a competition
  • Blog at least once a week so you can all marvel at my progress (all maximum of 30 of you). Maybe if I blog more I’ll get more readers! This will make my poor wee ego happy.
  • Use parenthesis less when writing blog posts
Novel Progress

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100,000 Words

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