What I’m Reading 1.0

16 Oct

This is not what I look like

Further to my occasional Inspirations post, I thought I would start doing a Thing where I shall blog about what I’m reading at the moment. For one thing, it will be quite interesting to me personally to find out how much I actually read in a year. For another, what I’m reading and what I have read naturally effects what and how I’m writing – any writer who doesn’t admit that is talking out of their ar…mpits.

(My blog is nonsweary because I know that my Dad reads my blog – hi Dad! and I don’t actually swear that much anyway #truestory)

So, enough of this babble, I shall dive in!

I am reading two books at the moment – the first is, naturally, a Star Wars novel.

This is Rebirth from the Edge of Victory  duology within the New Jedi Order (NJO) series,

‘Rebirth’ by Greg Keyes

set from approximately 21 years after the end of Return of the Jedi. It’s written by Greg Keyes, and along with the rest of the NJO series charts the battle to save the New Republic from the Yuuzhan Vong, a species from outside the galaxy who are basically on a ‘Holy War’ to destroy the New Republic and its reliance on machines, which they consider abominations. Compared to some of the other Star Wars books, these are fairly average – exciting and interesting but nothing to blog home about.I read the Star Wars novels during the first half of my lunch break at work.

‘Tortall and Other Lands’ by Tamora Pierce. Isn’t it pretty?

I’m also reading Tortall and Other Lands, a compilation of short stories by Tamora Pierce. They have a few stories which expand on things touched on in her Tortall stories, plus a few other bits and bobs. I’ve borrowed this off my oft-mentioned friend and housemate Jenni, and should really hurry up and finish it.

Not a huge amount of literature in my life right now!

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