Phase One Complete – Prepare for Phase Two!

22 Feb

Before I begin, I feel the need to question teh Interwebz – HOW is it that most viewers of this blog find it by searching for a variation of ‘sick lolcat’ on Google?! My friend Jenni and I just spent around 20 minutes trying to find my blog by searching using various terms for humourous felines in ill health, but found nothing. Maybe these people are seriously dedicated to finding funny but unhealthy kitties, and are willing to search beyond the first ten pages to do so.

So, anyway, my novel is split into four distinct parts with a different narrator for each section, and the first part of the first draft is COMPLETE! Yippee!

See how I tempt in more readers with lolcats?

So I am enormously pleased with myself. 23600 words in, pretty damn high  body count, and a man with his hands buried in the sand waiting for the sun to return.

My whole novel is based on a short story I wrote for my fifth assignment in the creative writing course I did a couple a years ago towards my degree, and now I’m actually moving towards the section in the narrative that the short story actually covered, which is quite exciting. The Unknown was my favourite of the pieces I wrote for the course, and probably the most publishable as a short story, but I really didn’t want to leave it as one – it only really created one rounded character and didn’t give me a chance to develop him much. I have my four that link up, and I plan to write them as well as I can. The real challenge will be separating them from each other in terms of style.

So. Eek. I’ve gotten so used to my little squad of soldiers, and now I don’t get to write them any more for a while. Military HQ it is, for the next 25000 words or so!

Unrelated News (or ‘A Series of Unfortunate Excuses’ for why I’m not writing faster)

Work is hard
I is poor penniless writer
I’m directing a play! Well, co-directing. It’s a fun little one-act comedy called Curses! Foiled Again (not ‘oiled again’, which I just wrote and sounds like porn) by Evelyn Hood, and we’re having a blast with it so far

Also, today I wrote a riddle so that I could tell a colleague who played a practical joke on her without actually telling her who played a practical joke on her – it doesn’t count if she has to work it out for herself! She now thinks I should write case notes in riddles, which would a) not be very easy to do while on the phone to customers, and b) drive at least one of my colleagues completely up the wall. The practical joke involved a flying pig. Good times were had by all, especially the pig who now has a better view.

I stole this picture from a distinctly unpleasant right wing blog. At least that blog is good for something.

Pigs Fly in customer services department


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