What I’m Reading 6.1

14 May

Did you know, it’s actually surprisingly hard to find an affordable large dog? There’s one at the Blue Cross in Southampton right now that looks and sounds just like Puffin, so am hoping to put a reserve on him tomorrow – fingers crossed!

I suppose I should state that the first thing I’ve been reading is lots of sites that advertise dogs and puppies. So. Much. Want.

so, anyway, let’s continue on from Saturday’s fandangle:

From Dead To Worse by Charlaine Harris delves deeper into the revelation that Sookie has fairy blood. She meets her great-grandfather, and gets sucked into both were and vampire wars, and nothing is plain sailing. Meanwhile, Sookie’s brother is cheated on by his pregnant were-panther wife and makes sure Sookie discovers it for herself (we all like to walk in on our in-laws engaged in shenanegins with random people) at the same time as Crystal (the naughty cheating panther)’s uncle, Calvin Norris. Sookie and Calvin stood up for Jason and Crystal at their wedding, so naturally Sookie has to break Calvin’s hand. Were-panthers are just so easy-going.

This novel sees the overhaul of the vampire political system in Louisiana, which was already struggling in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the bombing of the covention in Rhodes from the previous book. At this point it would be extremely hard to just jump into the series, so don’t try. Go back to the beginning. Shoo.

Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris sees the werewolves and shapeshifters doing whatever the two-natured version of coming out of the coffin is. The vampires kindly lend a protective hand and everybody pretends they like each other for the cameras. In little Bon Temps, the announcement goes almost without a hitch, except for one waitress who quits when she discovers her boss likes to turn into a collie at the full moon.

Sookie is dating the Viking vampire Eric again at this point, only this time he knows who he is, which can be a positive or a negative, depending on how you look at it. Sookie is tugged into vampire politics once again – the King of Nevada has taken power from the (now late) Queen of Louisiana, and sent a douchecanoe (I love that word) called Victor to lord it over Louisiana. Victor has his eyes fixed especially on Eric’s Area Five.

Hate crimes abound across America against the newly revealed weres and shifters, and Sookie is kidnapped by fairies and tortured – this book ain’t for the faint hearted. But if you were faint hearted you probably would have given up amid the general gore of the first book, so hey. Have I mentioned I love these books?

Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris. Ah, the family. Throughout most of this series Sookie (who, worryingly, I just called ‘The Sookster’ in my head) has thought she has hardly any living relatives. Now she has fairy cousins, fairy great grandparents, fairy great uncles, and a little telepathic human cousin by the name of Hunter who is the son of Sookie’s cousin Hadley, the one who got herself turned into a vampire because she was in love with the Queen of Louisiana, which frankly happens to me every day. There’s a lot of cuteness in this book, and also a lot of plotting murder.

Sookie’s not the only one with family troubles, however. Eric’s maker comes to town, bringing along with him his younger ‘son’ – Alexei Romanov, the son of the last czar of Russia. The kid’s a bit nuts.

Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris – Victor continues to be a douchecanoe, threatening the lives and businesses of people Sookie cares about. He has to go. Sookie, Eric, and Eric’s ‘child’ Pam seek to bring about the downfall of Victor. It’s a rip-roaring tale of cold-blooded murder. Yay!

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris only came out this month, and I only started reading it last night…at 1am…on a worknight…causing me to only get four hours sleep. Sometimes I really get sucked into books, and the Southern Vampire Mysteries are brilliant at this reader black hole thing. I really had to struggle to turn off my Kindle (I love that thing. Its name is Humphrey) and put it down and go to sleep. When I say ‘go to sleep’ I mean ‘lie there for another hour wishing I’d kept reading’. Sookie and Eric are on the rocks, a vampire queen wants to marry Eric, Sookie’s boss’s homicidal werewolf girlfriend thinks Sookie wants to steal Sam off her, the Fae are up to something, and Felipe de Castro, the King of Nevada is in town investigating the mysterious disappearance of Victor (douchecanoe dude). Sookie’s brother is getting married again – here’s hoping this wife doesn’t end up crucified, as this one’s a decent human being. I’m not being supernaturalist – if Crystal had been pure human she would have been a bit of a skank, Michele is just awesome. Anyway, I’ve wondered off track. one and a half books to go for me and then this series is finished . Woe is me.

The Grey King by Susan Cooper is the fourth book in The Dark is Rising sequence. Old One Will, having been desperately sick with pneumonia, is shipped off to stay with relatives in Wales, where he meets a mysterious young boy called Bran, and sets out on a mission to defeat the Grey King of the valley and retrieve a magical harp for the Light. The most sinister thing in this story is a man – an ordinary man – by the name of Caradog Pritchard, who bares an old grudge against Bran and his father, and directs it at the local sheepdogs, especially Bran’s beloved Cafall.

This is probably my second least-favourite of the series, but it’s still really cool.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got time for now – dinner time! There’s a delicious asparagus soup that’s about to happen to me. I’ll put up 6.2 in a couple of days.


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